Student Credit Cards: Your Companion In Your Studies

A recent study conducted by the Georgetown University Credit Research Center shows encouraging results about students and student credit cards. According to this report, 87.9 percent of students in college manage their student credit cards effectively.

Unlike in the past years, this study has proven that college students are now more aware about their responsibilities as credit card holders and this is shown by the fact that most college students pay off their monthly balances in full. Overall, the average balance in a college student’s account is $552 which is just one third of the average balances of the general population.

This is certainly a good news and hopefully, this trend will continue and improve in the coming years. More and more young people today are becoming aware of the importance of having a student credit card especially when they enter college. With the help of information available online, students are learning the basic points on how to use credit cards while protecting their credit at the same time.

It is true that one of the challenges about owning a student credit card is controlling spending. Many students have developed debt problems because they continue charging purchases on their student credit cards and paying only the minimum each period. Because student credit cards are so convenient to use on shopping, many people- including adults, tend to forget the consequences of not being able to repay their balances on time. But this can be prevented if a student practices self-discipline and determination in keeping the use of credit cards in perspective.

Of course, aside from convenience, the main purpose of acquiring student credit cards is to build credit. But a credit history will not be of much use if all that is contained in one’s credit report are unpaid debts and past due bills. If you’re a student, always remember that protecting your credit history is just as important as establishing it.

Credit cards for students are now accompanied by options that help students manage their finances more easily. Banks send out monthly statement of accounts by mail, but now, students also have the option to check their account at any time just by going online. This way, even when they’re too busy with their classes and projects, they can still take a few minutes from their time and check on their account.

Another great provision is the liability fraud protection that most credit card companies offer. This is important for college students if they incur unauthorized charges in their account. Carrying a credit card instead of cash is also a safer way to buy things or pay bills. In case their credit card is misplace or stolen, a student can call the bank right away to freeze the account.

Finally, many student credit cards now give students the opportunity to earn bonuses or incentives from their purchases. Discounts from selected merchants and establishments also make a big difference in helping students save their monthly budget.

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