Discover® Student Card


Earn more cash in more ways than anyone elseSM*

Most Attractive Features: Unlimited cash rewards, automatically; 5% to 20% Cashback Bonus at top retailers through our exclusive online shopping site

For students with good credit and who are yearning for their first credit card with great cash rewards program, the Discover® Student Card is a wise choice.

The Discover® Student Card is the student card that allows the cardholders to enjoy an amazing feature of rewards program, providing the highest rewards for the things that students usually purchase. This include a cash back of 5% to 20% for purchases made at restaurants, bookstores, gas stations, supermarkets, and home improvement shops. On the other hand, a 1% cash back is rewarded to the cardholders for other purchases.

The best thing about the Discover® Student Card is that you can redeem the rewards in whatever manner you want. But it is highly recommended if you redeem the rewards through one of the bonus merchants. This way you’ll have the opportunity to double your rewards. Of course there are other options that are available such as utilizing your rewards to your credit card balance in order to cut back your debt, or you can also ask a check in the mail for your earned rewards value. You can also keep your rewards balance increase to as much as you want because there’s no limit for it and there’s no expiration date for the rewards that you’ve earned.

With Discover® Student Card you can get a rebate of 0.25% at selected discount stores and warehouse clubs. Plus you’ll have the opportunity to receive a double Cashback Bonus when you redeem your rebates for gift checks from all participating Discover Card partners. What’s more there’s no limit on the amount of rebates that you can earn for each year. The rebates that you’ve earned will not expire as long the account stays active within the period of 36 months.

There is no yearly fee on Discover® Student Card. 0% interest is also applied on purchases made within the first six months of membership. However, the APR is above average for a student credit card.


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