Recession Proof Degrees that You Can Get Online

During these times crisis, many people have discovered that they can beat recession by turning to online degree programs. A lot of industries have been badly hit by the economic slump and had to shut down or let go of their employees. The most affected with recession are those in the real estate business and manufacturing businesses. Despite that, some industries remain stable and are still in need of more workers.

Whether you are a high school graduate or someone who plans on continuing your education, acquiring a degree or certification online can be the boost you need for your career. Below are the top recession-proof courses that are available through online distance learning programs.

Health Care and Related Courses. Because no one is exempted from sickness, people will always need health care and medical assistance no matter of how the state of the economy is. Medical assistants and related professions are still in demand in a lot of hospitals, clinics and community health centers.

Pharmaceutical Courses. Another profession related to health care that will continue to be in high demand are pharmacists. Needless to say, as people get sick and physicians prescribe medicines, pharmacies and drug laboratories will continue to be on top of businesses.

Education Courses. There will always be a need for educators regardless of the economic situation. There will always be kids who will go to school and they will need teachers to guide them. Universities and learning institutions will continue to hire educators and other personnel to handle administrative tasks of the school.

Accountancy Courses. As the famous adage goes, “the only things sure in life are death and taxes”. True enough, whether it’s recession or not, the society will always be in need of accountants. Businesses and companies, whether big or small will be looking for certified accountants to manage their taxes and finances.

Skilled Trades. Despite recession, there remains to be a huge demand for skilled workers in various fields. Electricians, technicians, carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, hairstylists, and other related professions will continue to be in demand.

Business and Marketing. In response to the economic crisis, many people are now turning towards business and marketing to survive. In fact, a lot of successful small business owners today were once full-time employees who had lost their job because their company closed or cut down its workers.

Web Design and Development. Now that E-commerce is a growing trend, there is also an increasing demand for web designers, web developers, programmers and other jobs related to the internet and internet marketing. In fact, these are considered to be a really high-paying job and you can even choose to go freelance in providing these services.

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