How to Prevent Credit Card Identity Theft on Campus

College students are prone to identity theft related crimes. According to surveys, a large percentage of reported identity theft and credit card fraud were made by students in colleges. If you own a student credit card, what can you to protect yourself from being an ID theft victim on campus?

Log out completely from when using public computers. Students often use public computers in campuses, public libraries, and internet shops. Never forgot to completely log out of all your accounts after using a computer especially, a public computer. TO be sure, you can delete the cache, cookies, and the files in the history folder of the browser you used.

Don’t give away your credit card information. This may seem like an obvious tip but surprisingly, some people do give away their personal information without realizing it. Watch out for callers who may claim to be a representative of your bank, asking you about your credit card details for “VERIFICATION”. Real issuers would never do that.

Be particularly cautious when filling out online application forms. Online applications are the latest trend. Whether you need a new credit card, a car loan, personal loan, or a job, you can submit your application to a company straight from the internet. But watch out! Identity thieves do use fake websites known as “phishing sites” to steal information from people. These sites were made to look like the real thing so you need to be very cautious.

Don’t bring all your credit cards and important IDs in your wallet. If you’re going out shopping or if you need to run an errand, it’s best to take only one credit in your wallet. If you own more than one card, placing all these cards in your wallet can put you at risk. In case your wallet gets stolen or misplaced, you would need to block your account for all those cards and you’ll need to do it in a hurry.

Shred bank receipts and important documents. Important bills and documents must never be thrown in the trash bin without being shredded into small pieces. ID Thieves do rummage through trash bins looking for possible documentations that contain personal information.

Keep an eye of your student credit card at all times. When using your student credit card for payment, be sure that your card will not be leaving your sight. Skimming devices are small enough to fit in a person’s palm and it can steal the details on your credit card with just a swipe.

Use strong passwords. Passwords are supposed to protect you from computer hackers but if you’re not using a strong password, ID thieves can easily take a guess and open your account. A strong password must not only contain letters but numbers as well. Avoid using your birthday, maiden name or any other obvious detail about you that can be guessed right away.

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