Most Popular Engineering Programs Online

A lot of people who are contemplating about online education have two goals in mind – to enhance their portfolio and to find a better-paying job. On the other hand, some people may want to shift into a different career path, and taking up an online course gives them a chance to do just that.

This article talks about the most popular engineer degrees that you can earn through an online distance learning program. If you are inclined to pursue a career in engineering, here are some of your options:

Computer Engineering. Because we live in a computerized era, engineering concepts and Information Technology are combined into one educational program. As a computer engineer, your task is to ensure the performance of computer systems focusing on hardware and robotics.

Electronics Engineering. Electronics engineers are primarily tasked to manage electronic devices and control systems particularly ones used in communications. A degree in Electronics Engineering will enable you to find a place in Broadcasting Stations (television and radio) and Telecommunications Companies.

Electrical Engineering. Engineers on this line deal with jobs that require knowledge and skills in power distribution, circuit design, signal processing, and everything that involves electricity. Electrical engineers can get hired for both small- and large-scale projects in industrial, commercial and residential areas.

Biomedical Engineering. This is the field of engineering that is combined with medical science. Biomedical engineers are task to design and develop applications that can be used to solve problems in the medical field such as therapeutic devices and machines used in hospitals and health care institutions.

Environmental Engineering. This branch of engineering deals with finding solutions to protect the ecological balance. Tasks include finding a more efficient way to manage wastes and pollution, conservation of our natural resources, and the regulation of building constructions to protect public health and the environment.

Civil Engineering. The civil engineer is in charge of managing construction projects such as buildings and structures. Compared to other fields of engineering, Civil Engineering usually involves a large amount of field work and social interaction. As a civil engineer, it is your duty to ensure that work is properly executed according to plan.


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