Parents and Student Credit Cards

The idea of providing college credit cards to their kids may intimidate some parents. As cases of credit card debt increase among students, some people think that the best way to avoid debt is to skip getting a credit card. But applying for a student credit card can also be beneficial.

If you are a parent of a college student, here are some tips on how you can help your child use his/her student credit card the smart way:

Help them choose wisely. Making the right credit card choice is crucial. Students should never sign up for the first good offer. As a parent, help your child understand the importance of doing research. You can read credit card reviews online with your kids. Do comparisons together. Analyze the credit card’s Terms and Conditions with your kids and explain to them the specific factors they need to consider about student credit cards.

Let them understand the value of good credit. Young people must realize that owning a student credit card is a way to build their own credit history. Not many youngsters may understand that a solid credit history can make things a lot easier for them after they graduate from college. An outstanding credit rating can help them apply for a car loan with low rates, rent the apartment they want and get hired for their dream job.

Teach them about responsibility and correct financial management. Being a student credit card owner is a responsibility. When it comes to handling credit cards, teach your child about the importance of timely payment. Students must also be trained to use their credit cards only for important purchases. They must understand the value of regularly monitoring their accounts to fight fraud and ID theft. As credit card holders, parents can make a big difference as they are role models for their kids.

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Samantha Wilson is a consultant for credit cards for students. For years she has written student credit cards articles that would help build student credit.
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