Online Hospitality & Culinary Training – A Lucrative Career

Today, online distance learning programs in hospitality and culinary arts are starting to become a trend. If you are inclined to professions that involve food and food preparation, then this online course is definitely your cup of tea.

The Culinary Industry Flourishes

Worldwide, the culinary industry is enjoying huge success in the market, not only in the United States and Europe but even in developing countries in Asia. The number of newly established hotels, restaurants, and spas continue to increase each year especially as more consumers strive to set up their own businesses. Obviously, a career in the culinary industry opens more doors of opportunities for cooks, chef, sous chefs, catering director, pastry chef, baker, sommelier, restaurant manager and other related professions.

According to a survey conducted U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2007, chefs and head cooks earn an average annual salary of $40,700 while restaurant managers and food service managers earn an average annual salary ranging from $44, 570 t0 $57,370.

Why Acquire a Culinary Degree Online

A degree in culinary arts is not limited to studying food and cooking processes. Indeed, this educational program has a wide scope of studies including the basic aspects of business management or restaurant management, employee management, food and beverage management, etc.

Taking up a course in culinary arts through an online educational program can be very advantages particularly for those who need to financially support their own studies. Yes, even if you’re already working as an employee for a company, you can begin a course in culinary training one step at a time.

Many online universities and learning institutes offer courses in Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts. You can choose from bachelor degrees, associate degrees, or short term courses with certification. The exact title of the course may vary from one university to another so be sure to check out the scope and the inclusions of the program.


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