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Choosing a major is a “major” decision

Since you have to invest several years of your life in studying a subject in great detail choosing a major in college is the most important decision. The major you choose can dictate the scope of your opportunities or your career path. Choosing a major is not a decision that should be made in two hours, two days, or even two weeks. So take your time and research. Research all your options and keep an open mind. Once you’ve narrowed the list of majors and careers that seem interesting, try each of them on for a while.

Questions to Ask before you Choose a Major

Sometimes you may be very fascinated in a major, but you find that you don’t have enough skills to pass the required courses. On the other hand, you maybe have a skill in a particular field, but you have no interest in that area. Sometimes, you may have both interests and abilities in an area but find that the realities of the job market are such that you are not willing to risk an investment of time and money on potentially bleak employment chances.

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself before you choose a major!

–What are my interests and what fascinates me?

–What are my motivations?

–What are my abilities and capabilities?

–What are the realities?

Choosing a major is in part based on the answers to these questions of interest, abilities, values, motivations and realities. Answering these questions will help you determine whether a major will be a good fit for you. It is unwise to attempt to choose a major by connecting it specifically with a career without self-assessment, without knowledge of the world of work, without knowledge of what is required by the major department, and without good decision-making skills.

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