Guide to College Majors in Social Science

What is Social Science all about?

Students of Social Sciences primarily study human behavior and social relationships. They also participate in many courses related to Arts & Humanities. Aside from the traditional classroom college setting, long distance and online education course are also available.

What jobs are hot in Social Science?

Graduates of Social Science Majors enjoy a wide array of career opportunities. The most popular social sciences jobs include:

Archaeologists. These professionals discover the past human civilizations through expeditions and study.

Educators. A Social Science graduate may also choose a career as a teacher and share his knowledge and skills to other students.

Geographers. Geographers primarily study the earth and its surface. These Social Scientists deal with natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis.

Politicians. A Social Science student may also choose a career in politics by pursuing a master’s degree in political Science.

Sociologist. Laws, behaviour, religion, race, gender, social policies- these are the aspects that a Sociologist deals with.

Why take up a College Degree in Social Science?

According to a survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that employment for Social Science graduates are expected to grow more and that salaries are most likely to increase. Career opportunities also abound, not only in companies and businesses but in schools and universities and government agencies as well.

Who are the perfect candidates for Social Science Majors?

Students of Social Sciences must develop their management skills, organizational skills, writing skills, communication skills, critical thinking and interpersonal skills. Motivation is also a crucial attitude that would help them succeed. They must also learn to recognize trends and patterns efficiently.

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