Guide to College Majors in Law & Criminal Justice

What is Law & Criminal Justice Majors all about?

This particular college course focuses on public service by reinforcing the law, preventing crimes, and serving justice. Students of Law & Criminal justice can choose from an array of different careers to major in. Generally, criminal justice majors study the law, the judicial process, and criminal behaviour. University online education is also available today for graduates who want to upgrade their degrees without attending regular school.

What jobs are hot in Law & Criminal Justice?

The following are in demand jobs from graduates of Law & Criminal Justice Majors:

Corrections Officer. These people are in charge of keeping prisoners on the best conduct. Aside from strength and fighting skills, corrections officers must also possess strong communication skills and technical writing skills for preparing their reports.

Corporate Security Specialist. Instead of actual crimes, corporate security specialists deal with crimes that can be committed against businesses and companies such as corporate espionage and identity theft.

Intellectual Property Attorney. These criminal justice attorneys strive to protect intellectual property rights of people.

Why take up Law & Criminal Justice?

There’s no doubt that law and criminal justice majors graduates are one of the most in demand professions in the industry today. Many big business corporations and law enforcement agencies require a bachelor’s degree from job candidates so having one is definitely an advantage.

Who are the perfect candidates for a Law & Criminal Justice Majors?

Those who are genuinely interested in the law and seek challenges in their lives may consider taking up a degree in Law & Criminal Justice. If you plan to pursue this career, here are important reminders:

– Avoid drug use, as drug testing for at least the past 3 years is usually done by employers.
– Check your personal criminal records from your State Police Office to ensure that its accuracy.
– Maintain a clean driving record.
– If you’ve committed driving violations in the past, attend remedial courses to make up.
– Keep your credit history clean and free from negative remarks.

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Online Schools for Law & Criminal Justice Courses:

Online Education Course

Kaplan University
– Advanced Start B.S. in Criminal Justice
– B.S. in Criminal Justice
– B.S. in Criminal Justice/Computer Crime
– B.S. in Criminal Justice/Corrections
– B.S. in Criminal Justice/Crime Analysis
– B.S. in Criminal Justice/Crime Scene Investigation
– B.S. in Criminal Justice/Forensic Psychology
– B.S. in Criminal Justice/Fraud Examination
– B.S. in Criminal Justice/Homeland Security & Counterterrorism
– B.S. in Criminal Justice/Juvenile Justice
– B.S. in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement
– B.S. in Criminal Justice/Private Security
– Advanced Start B.S. in Legal Studies
– Advanced Start B.S. in Paralegal Studies
– B.S. in Legal Studies
– B.S. in Legal Studies/Health Care
– B.S. in Paralegal Studies
– B.S. in Paralegal Studies/Alternative Dispute Resolution
– B.S. in Paralegal Studies/Corporate Law
– B.S. in Paralegal Studies/Employment Law
– B.S. in Paralegal Studies/Family Law
– B.S. in Paralegal Studies/Legal Technology
– B.S. in Paralegal Studies/Office Management
– B.S. in Paralegal Studies/Personal Injury
– B.S. in Paralegal Studies/Real Estate Law
– B.S. in Paralegal Studies/Social Security Law

University of Phoenix
– BS in Criminal Justice Administration

AIU Online
– Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice – Forensic Science
– Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement

Ashford University
– BA/Social and Criminal Justice
– BA/Social Science – Criminal Justice
– Organizational Management – Criminal Justice

University of Maryland University College
– BS in Criminal Justice

Columbia College
– Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

Southern Oregon University
– Bachelor of Science in Social Science with Criminology

Western Carolina University
– Online Criminal Justice Degree Program

Everest University Online
– Paralegal (Bachelor’s)

Keiser University eCampus Online
– Legal Studies, BA (Online)

South University
– Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

Strayer University
– BBA: Legal Studies

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