Guide to College Majors in Game Design

What is Game Design?

Game art design degree is a focused study of the visual creations for electronic games- video games, computer games, arcade games, and hand held systems. It deals solely with game design but it is very important because of the difficulty of components that go into creating games.

Today, electronic games industry is one of the leading revenue generator and one of the popular forms of entertainment/pastime for the under 18 age group. This is the trend that is expected grow.

Degree Programs in Game Design

The competition for game art boosts as more and more children grow. You have an edge in the job market if you are a highly qualified graduate and have a creative training and learn the fundamentals of gaming industry. A Bachelor Degree in Game Art Design will give you with the example of your work and expertise to use in your portfolio like a resume and references.

Fun and fantasy are the reasons why electronic gaming is so popular, so your own passion for playing is a key part of your own success. But strong creativity, artistic talent, design, computer, and problem solving ability are required qualities in this exciting field. Your education, focused on interactive software and the entire process that goes into making it work will prepare you for a career in game design, military, health care, or television.

Start your online education course with any art, design theory or design concepts. Associate degree and advance to a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology/ Multimedia and Animation or Bachelor of Science in Game Art & Design.

The programs center on teaching fundamentals of art and design skills, then go into how to design game play and background, creating characters and environments, and applying your knowledge of video and computer games to evaluate game products. Computer application and sophisticated software are needed to create your artwork. It is included in your curriculum the animation and life study in order to help you with the matter-of-fact representation of your character.

Your Career path within Game Design and Development

The development teams on the other hand separate the process of creating new games according to the specialties of the team member. The team member can focus on the design, the programmer, visual artist and production specialist. The members’ goal is to produce a fun, exciting, financially successful product.

The design team are the one responsible on the original vision of the game, from the plot, characters, background, props, scoring system, sound effects, and others. The clearness of the original concept and the capacity to attach to it but letting it open for necessary changes aids the work of all other teams.

The art team is accountable for making a vibrant, alluring and gratifying visual experience for the consumer. Members of the art team can include the director, lead and junior artist, and the art technician. Each team member is expected to have obtained a BA from a design oriented art program, have an increasing level of hands on experience, and a strong interest in electronic gaming. Each position includes attention to details such as modeling, lighting, texturizing, palette integrity, and interfacing.

The art director has attended all the planning meetings and is responsible for having a thorough understanding of every detail in the visual presentation and how it will work with the sound and production components. He or she then communicates all this information to the artists and technicians who will take those concepts and rough drawings and start producing the visuals.

The salary of the art team depends on the responsibility, training and years of experience. The art leader can earn for as much as $75 – 100,000; the lead artist can have $40 – 75,000; and the junior artist averages between $25 – 40,000. Chances for promotion are very good if you have the skills and talents, work well on team, continue to learn something through readings

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