Guide to College Majors in Engineering

What is Engineering Majors all about?

An engineering major studies theories or principles on science and technology to prepare themselves for the challenges they would face in the real world. Part of studying an engineering course involves learning about business, law and ethics. Today, engineering students must learn how to use computers and state-of-the-art devices as tools in solving complex problems. If you want to pursue this continuing education course, you can choose from a number of fields to major in.

What jobs are hot in Engineering?

Biochemical Engineers. Biochemical engineers deal with food supply and the environment. They are the ones who try to find new ways to improve crop yields and is in fact one of the most in demand fields in engineering.

Biomedical Engineers. Biomedical engineers focus on people’s health and wellness. They design equipment and tools in medical studies.

Chemical Engineers. Chemical engineers work with pharmaceuticals, food processing, chemicals, biotechnology, environmental safety and others.

Aerospace Engineers. These engineers are in charge in designing and creating airplanes and spacecrafts.
Architectural Engineers. These engineers work hand in hand with architects and other engineers to complete construction and building projects.

Civil Engineers. These engineers often use the latest and state-of-the-art technology and equipment to schedule, design and complete their construction projects.

Computer Engineers. Computer engineers primarily work on computer systems (hardware and software).

Electrical Engineers. These engineers have contributed to the world devices that we use in our everyday life such as mobile phones, microchips, computers, DSL connection, etc.

Mechanical Engineers. They primarily deal with machines and devices for the advancement of technology.

Nuclear Engineers. They focus on using nuclear and radiation studies as a energy resource for the world.

Software Engineers. They are in charge of developing, designing, and creating application programs or software used in computers.

Industrial Engineers. These engineers deal with people, machines, information, energy and other factors necessary for solving a particular problem.

Why take up an Engineering Major?

There is always a high demand for engineers in various areas of the industry. Engineering is one of the highest paid and productive professions because of their responsibility and nature of work. Some engineering graduates also take up business trainings to become business analysts, managers or CEO of big companies.

Who are the perfect candidates for Engineering Majors?

If you have a passion for problem solving, engineering is definitely a career for you. To be a successful engineer, one needs to practice industriousness, patience, and a genuine passion for research and work.

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