Guide to College Majors in Business

What is Business Majors all about?

Students who take up Business Majors focus on studying different businesses in the industry. Within the duration of the course, students get to try launching their own mock businesses to hone their skills in management, finance, accounting, investment, customer service, ethics and other fundamentals of business.

What jobs are hot in Business?

Businesses of all types and sizes need well-educated and trained personnel to handle different areas of the business. Hot jobs available for MBA graduates are the following:

Administration and Management. This is the department of the company that oversees all other aspects of the business – be it with accounting, financial planning, marketing & sales, advertising, etc. Being part of the management team requires knowledge and training in the business law and ethics and other fundamentals of business.

International Business Specialists. These people specializes in dealing with global trade and large corporations and companies from anywhere in the world.

Accounting. An account is in charge of monitoring the financial details of a business. Accounting plays a big role in the financial planning and management of the business as many decisions would be based upon the accounts information.

Marketing and Sales. These are the work force in the actual marketing and selling of the products and services. Professionals in this field often have strong people skills, are excellent communicators, and enjoy dealing with different people.

Advertising. Although they do not do direct selling, these people are behind the planning and execution of advertising the business to the market. Being part of the advertising team requires creativity, ingenuity, originality and vision.

Financial Planning. Financial planners play a big role in the survival of the business. They provide business owners with a clear insight on how to strengthen the company, anticipate obstacles, and how to deal with obstacles more efficiently.

Business Law. Lawyers who specialize in business law assist small business entrepreneurs and large corporations with the legalities of the business. There are two types of business lawyers: business litigators (those who handle lawsuits) and transactional lawyers (handles contracts and provide corporate advice).

e-Commerce Specialist. Aside from learning the fundamentals of business, graduates of e-Commerce must also learn how business is done in the World Wide Web.

Why take up Business Majors?

Whether your plan to launch your own business in the future or you intend to hone your skills further by being part of a company, having a degree in business will give you the edge of making strategic decisions to keep up with the competition. A career in business also opens doors for many opportunities both locally and internationally. And with the introduction of internet marketing or e-Commerce, a hard-working MBA graduate certainly possesses an advantage to make it big in the business world.

Who are the perfect candidates for Business Majors?

The best candidates for an MBA degree are those with competitive spirit as maintaining a business often involves many challenges. Having strong math skills and fine logical reasoning is also an advantage. Of course, as with other college courses, industriousness is a must for a student of Business Majors.

Online Schools for Business Courses:

University Online Education

Kaplan University
– B.S. in Accounting
– B.S. in Accounting/Auditing – Forensic Accountancy
– B.S. in Accounting/Government – Nonprofit Accountancy
– B.S. in Accounting/Managerial Accountancy
– B.S. in Accounting/Tax Accountancy
– B.S. in Business/Accounting
– B.S. in Management/Accounting Management
– BS in Accounting/Public – General Accountancy
– B.S. in Business/Management of Information Systems
– B.S. in Management/Business Administration
– B.S. in Management/Marketing
– B.S. in Management/Retail Management

University of Phoenix
– BS in Business/Accounting
– BS in Business/Administration
– BS in Business/Public Administration
– BS in Business/Global Business Management
– BS in Business/Hospitality Management
– BS in Business/Human Resource Management
– BS in Business/Integrated Supply Chain and Operations Mgmt
– BS in Business/Management
– BS in Business/Organizational Innovation
– BS in Business/Retail Management

American InterContinental University Online
– Bachelor’s of Business Administration – Accounting & Finance
– Bachelor of Business Administration – International Business
– Bachelor of Business Administration – Project Management
– Bachelor’s of Business Administration – Organizational Psychology and Development
– Bachelor’s of Business Administration – Accounting & Finance
– Bachelor’s of Business Administration – Management
– Bachelor’s of Business Administration – Marketing
– Bachelor’s of Business Administration – Operations Management
– Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Healthcare Management
– Business Administration – Human Resource Management

Ellis University – Online
– BS – Business Administration (Managerial Accounting)
– BS – Professional Accounting

Ashford University
– BA/Accounting
– BA/Business Administration – Accounting
– Organizational Management – Accounting
– BA/Business Administration – Accounting
– BA/Business Administration – Business Management
– BA/Business Administration – Computer Science Studies
– BA/Business Administration – Finance
– BA/Business Administration – Hospitality Management
– BA/Business Administration – Marketing
– BA/Business Administration – No Concentration
– BA/Business Administration – Retail Management
– Organizational Management – Business Administration
– BA/Organizational Management – Retail Management

DeVry University
– Bachelor’s – Business Administration

Columbia Southern University
– Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
– Bachelor of Science in Business Administration / Finance
– Bachelor of Science in Business Administration / Hospitality & Tourism
– Bachelor of Science in Business Administration / Human Resource Management
– Bachelor of Science in Business Administration / Information Technology
– Bachelor of Science in Business Administration / International Management
– Bachelor of Science in Business Administration / Management
– Bachelor of Science in Business Administration / Marketing
– Bachelor of Science in Business Administration / Project Management
– Bachelor of Science in Business Administration / Sport Management

Bellevue University
– BA in Leadership
– BS in Management
– BS in Security Management
– BS in Strengths-Based Management

University of Maryland University College
– BS in Mgmt. Studies

Amberton University
– Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Management

Adams State College
– External Degree Completion Program in Business Administration

Central Michigan University
– Bachelor of Science, Major in Administration
– Bachelor of Applied Arts, Major in Administration

Universal University
– Universal University has bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees in business.

University of Wisconsin – Platteville
– Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

– Bachelor of Business Leadership

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division
– Fashion & Retail Management

Strayer University
– BBA: Retail Management

Touro University
– BS – Business Administration / E-Commerce

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