Guide to College Majors in Arts & Humanities

Arts and Humanities majors study the role that the people play in the improvement of their society. They examine how the culture and art have influenced history; how people’s decisions affect the way they deal with other people in everyday lives.

What jobs are hot in Arts & Humanities?

Many arts and humanities majors mix their sense of responsibility and their love to fashion to help our lives improve in ways that we are not aware of.

Interior designers. They are the one who creates magnificent places for us to live, work, and shop.

Fashion designers. They keep us looking good and feeling comfortable.

Industrial designers. They make the products we use work even better.

Game designers. Game art design has exploded in the past few years, with arts & humanities majors combining their skills in art, language, and social interaction to develop new generations of challenging, engrossing games.

Advertising Executives. They are the ones who try to communicate to us in print, in Internet, on the television, or in radio. They are the ones who connect buyers and sellers in fun and unusual ways.

In spite of their varied interests, all of those specialists share a background in arts & humanities that continue to remain them connected to the customers they serve.

Why taking up Arts and Humanities major?

If you are not contented to settle for one career where you do the same thing everyday, then you are for arts and humanities. Although arts and humanities has its specialize fields, they are expose to a wide variety of courses and instructors.

Aside from exciting careers they also use their knowledge to relate more effectively with their friends and neighbors and often devote time and energy to community causes. You can find many arts & humanities graduates working as volunteers in non-profit organizations or as political staffers helping to elect a candidate.

Who is perfect candidate for Arts & Humanities majors?

People who are keen of discovering their personal strengths, the one who wants to challenge themselves to produce something new and the one who wants something exciting, who want to explore multiple passions. Students can choose from a diverse and useful selection of continuing education courses every semester on the other hand busy professionals who wants to expand their skills can participate in online.

Online Schools for Arts & Humanities Courses:


The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division
– Fashion & Retail Management
– Game Art & Design
– Graphic Design
– Interior Design
– Media Arts & Animation
– Web Design and Interactive Media

Ashford University
– BA/Social Science – Art

Westwood College Online
– Animation
– Fashion Merchandising
– Game Art and Design
– Game Software Development
– Interior Design
– Visual Communications
– Web Design & Multimedia

American InterContinental University Online
– Bachelor’s (BFA) – Digital Design
– Bachelor’s (BFA) – Web Design

Academy of Art University
– Animation & Visual Effect – Bachelor
– Computer Arts – New Media – Bachelor
– Fashion – Bachelor
– Fine Art – Bachelor
– Graphic Design – Bachelor
– Illustration – Bachelor
– Interior Architecture & Design – Bachelor
– Motion Pictures & Television – Bachelor
– Photography – Bachelor

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