Common Mistakes in Student Credit Card Form

To apply for a student credit card, you must submit an application form to your chosen Issuer. If you are a student or if it will be your first time to get a credit card, be sure to fill out the application with care. Not doing so may cause the processing of your application to be delayed or even rejected. Below are some useful reminders that you must not forget:

Personal Details. This is the section where you must provide information about yourself such as your complete name, residential address, telephone number, date of birth, and Social Security Number.

Double check the spellings and the digits you fill in. Remember, even a single spelling mistake or a single missing digit can change your identity. The credit card issuer may try to inquire about your report and pull out someone else’s credit history instead of your own.

Financial Information. The changes to the New Credit Card law limit those who are under 21 years old from obtaining a credit card for students all by themselves. If you’re below 21, you can still get a student credit card if you have co-signer or if you can show proof of an independent income. You must declare your estimated annual income along with any accounts (checking, savings) you may have with a banking institution.

School Information. Basic details under this category would be your school, school address, enrolment status, etc. You can choose to receive your credit card billing statements from your residence or school.

Make sure that you have provided the correct address as encoding the wrong one could cause problems later since you will not be able to receive notices from your credit card issuer on time. And since credit card mails contain confidential information, it will also put you at risk of Identity Theft or credit fraud in case they fall in the wrong hands.

Agreement. The last section of your student credit card application would be the agreement. There will a check box which upon checking, confirms that you have read and you agree with the Terms and Conditions of your Issuer.

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Samantha Wilson is a consultant for credit cards for students. For years she has written student credit card articles that would help build student credit.

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